3-Step Perfect Tanning Guide

In order to prolong the life of your Star Luxury Tan, there are a few steps that we would advise you to take before and after tan application.

Welcome to our 3-Step Perfect Tanning Guide... 


Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

Did we mention exfoliating? Exfoliating your skin properly is one of the most important steps you should take prior to applying your tanning mousse, lotion or spray.  Unlike snakes who shed their skin as one full piece, we shed our skin as individual cells and this will cause an uneven skin surface. By using a good exfoliating method (we would advise using a good quality body brush), you will be able to remove all the dead skin cells that would otherwise become loose and fall off over the coming days. These cells falling off prematurely, due to lack of exfoliation, will cause lighter areas to develop on the surface of the skin as the (now-tanned) dead skin cells fall off.  The better the skin exfoliation, the longer lasting and deeper into your skin epidermis our melanin-enhancing formula will penetrate. 


Shave excess body hair and exfoliate your skin the evening before you are planning to apply your tan as this will give your skin time to relax and your pores to close, ready to have the tanning product applied the following day.  If you must use a moisturiser, we would strongly advise against using those containing fruit oils or perfumes as some brands can act as a barrier against the tanning solution and affect the final result. 

Always remove deodorant residue before application as most brands will turn your tan green!

For those who suffer from skin irritations, rashes and sensitive or oily skin, we have the perfect solution for you. Those who have highly alkaline or, in very rare occasions, highly acidic skin will tend to suffer from sore, itchy and red skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema.


Our pH Neutralising Preparation Spray simply neutralises the skin's pH levels, bringing your skin to a level where it can begin to heal itself.  Eliminating your dry skin areas will stop any uneven results, common to those with irritated skin.

Safe for children and pregnant ladies to use.

During the initial product testing, when used on it's own twice a day after showering, our pH Neutralising Preparation Spray was proven to help completely heal and eliminate severe psoriasis and eczema. Our test subjects have now stopped using steroid creams and other prescribed emollients in favour of our pH Neutralising Preparation Spray.



Star Luxury Tanning products have no harsh chemical dyes added. The shades have been specifically developed to suit the user's skin tone and natural melanin production, guaranteeing the most natural results possible, unlike other brands where the surface of your skin is thickly coated with a dye-filled liquid that usually leave you looking more orange than tanned.  Even for the palest or darkest of skin tones, we have the perfect solution for you.


Available to purchase online as a home-use Melanin-Enhancing Tanning Mousse or applied as a Professional Spray-Tan in any Star-Approved Salon.

Use our Barrier Cream with added Olive Oil to cover tattoos, protect your palms and add extra moisturisation to those commonly dry areas around the ankles, heels, elbows and knees.

Apply home-use tanning products using a tanning mitt (we recommend the Velvotan Mitt) or the Professional Salon Solution can be applied by a Fully Qualified Professional Spray-Tanning Technician. One thick coat of mousse or salon solution is enough to give you a perfect, natural, long-lasting colour.  There is no need for "double coating" and to do so will overload the skin with product, causing an unnatural looking result that will last less than 5 days, compared to the usual 9-day wear if applied as instructed.

"The Science Bit"

Your skin can naturally absorb 13.8% of pure DHA safely. This is the ingredient that helps to give your skin colour.  Anything more than 13.8% will simply rub off the skin, usually unevenly, causing patchiness. Most tanning solution strengths are false DHA strengths as the DHA has been either watered down or chemicals are added to it.  Star Luxury Tanning products contain pure DHA, made from 100% natural sugars, therefore we have disgarded the percentage labels in favour of unique names instead; Shimmering Star for Fair-Light Skin-tones, Shining Star for Light-Medium Skin-tones and Shooting Star for Olive-Dark Skin-tones. 


Please note, the guide colour (instant colour seen after application) is not as dark as some other brands you may have used in the past, due to the removal of the pre-mentioned chemical dyes but allow the products to develop fully for 8 hours before showering the residue off and we guarantee you will love your results when you wake up as a flawlessly, tanned Starlet.



We advise to use our unique Colour Lock Moisturising Spray after your tanning application is dry to the touch. This will lock the product into the skin to prevent excessive staining on clothing and bedding. The Colour Lock Moisturising Spray has proven popular with Bridal Parties, Prom Girls and Pageant Queens as they can now apply their tan without having to worry about their expensive gowns being damaged.

Your finished result will be ready after 8 hours of development.  To remove the product residue, have a warm shower and wash yourself with your hands, using a natural soap or shower gel. Do not use anything abrasive ie facecloth, sponge, body scrub etc as this could exfoliate the skin further and lift the top layer of product from your skin. 

Pat yourself dry with a towel rather than rubbing your skin to avoid further exfoliation and to ensure the results last for as long as possible. We estimate the results to last 7-9 days.

Our Melanin-Enhancing Gradual Tanning Lotion can be used as a moisturising tan extender when applied in the evening after showering, starting 2-3 days following your spray tan or on it's own as a gradual build up moisturiser for those who prefer a gradual glow rather than a deeper tan.



Star Luxury Tans will last for approximately 7-9 days depending on your skin type and condition.

Daily maintenance simply includes a shower (using no exfoliating products or abrasive items ie. facecloths, body brushes etc). When drying, pat your skin with a towel rather than rubbing it. Once completely dry, apply Colour Lock Moisturising Spray to keep your skin hydrated and your tan will fade evenly and naturally day by day. 

When your tan is due to be freshly re-applied, a hot bath with bath salts and a firm body brush or exfoliating glove will easily remove the remainder of the product during the exfoliation process, taking you back to Step 1, as above.

Robyn Ferguson - Miss Intercontinental Scotland and Shannon McCluskey wear our Shooting Star shade of Professional Spray Tanning Solution - photo taken straight from the tanning tent!