Luxury Skin Cleansing Mousse - 200ml

Luxury Skin Cleansing Mousse - 200ml

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A perfect tan is not only created by using a high quality tanning product.  Skin preparation is key to lengthening the time your tan stays and the overall result too. 

We have developed the perfect product to prepare your skin before a fresh spray tan or tanning mousse application...our brand new Luxury Skin Cleansing Mousse!

Simply apply a coat of the mousse to your full body, paying closer attention to the more stubborn areas & leave to absorb into the skin for approximately 10 minutes then shower off, using a facecloth or shower glove.

* Exfoliates the skin's surface to remove all dead skin cells

* Neutralises the skin's pH levels, balancing out the acidic and alkaline areas of the skin, which can cause skin irritations ie. psoriasis and eczema

* Removes any left over tanning (or other) product residue still lying on the skin's surface from previous applications

* Made with Natural Ingredients 

* Baby Powder Scented