Welcome to Star Luxury Tanning

Welcome to Star Luxury Tanning, the recently launched, multiple award-nominated tanning brand, specifically designed to reduce skin cancer rates by giving tan lovers a safe, natural-looking alternative to harmful UV rays.

Our motto, and the origin of our name is:

Safe Tanning Avoids Risks

We firmly believe in our mission to reduce the UK skin cancer rates from 85%, as it stands currently, by educating people about the risks of UV tanning and encouraging them to use our melanin-enhancing products to produce a perfect, natural result; a flawless tan with absolutely no health risks.

Our signature scents are Juicy Watermelon and Baby Powder and we also have an exclusive Men's Range, which has a scent identical to Bleu de Chanel aftershave, making self-tanning a much more masculine experience than before.

Model: Gary James Bell  
Photo Credit: Brian Hayes Photography
As more men are becoming "tan fans", more have chosen to use dangerous UV sunbeds to top up their colour and as a result, skin cancer rates in men have risen drastically over the last 10 years.
Spray-Tanning is generally seen as being more of a feminine beauty treatment although we would like to think we are well on our way to changing that mindset among young men by providing safer and natural-looking alternatives with a masculine twist.