A Star is born...

With more and more sunbed users finding themselves battling skin cancer and suffering ageing skin effects from over-exposure to UV light, and more people choosing to inject themselves with chemicals to achieve a tan, the tanning industry was calling out for a safe & healthy alternative. 
Add those health risks to the common complaints of self tan users; the awful smell, the staining onto bedding and clothing, dry skin patches highlighted by fake tan sticking to them, patchiness after 3-4 days and very fair skinned people looking orange...it was our mission to create a new brand of self tanning products that eliminated everything we just mentioned above.  
Using our combined 20 years of knowledge and experience of the beauty and sales industries, we designed a brand new formulation...and so a STAR was born.
Some people have asked "What makes STAR different to other fake tanning brands?"

STAR products are unique to any other self tanning products on the market today due to the secret Melanin-enhancing ingredient added to the formulation. This vegetable-based ingredient penetrates the epidermis of the skin and reacts with your body's natural melanin producers to encourage more melanin to be produced when they would not normally do this naturally.

This means that naturally fair skinned people such as redheads and white blondes who normally burn in the sun can now apply our products and the results will be a natural colour, due to their advanced melanin production.

STAR products work in the same way that chemical tanning injections work or lying under a sunbed. The only differences are that with STAR being 100% natural and chemical and alcohol free, there are absolutely NO risks from chemicals, sickness, cancer, burning or ageing of the skin...the most healthy and safe way to tan naturally!

The products work so well that the photos below are a before and after of a gorgeous girl who has the skin condition Vitiligo where areas of her skin stop producing melanin. Using STAR Salon Spray Solution prior to a beauty pageant a few of months ago, you can see the product actually evened out her skin tone, giving her skin a flawless coverage.

This works the same for other blemishes or scarred areas you may have.

If you normally dislike fake tans, trust us and book yourself a STAR Spraytan with one of our Mobile STAR Spraytan Therapists or an Official STAR Tanning Salon.  Email us for your nearest STAR Stockist.  Or why not treat yourself to our home-use tanning products, available from our online store.

We promise you'll be #STARstruck

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