Luxury Tanning Mousse - 200ml
Luxury Tanning Mousse - 200ml
Luxury Tanning Mousse - 200ml
Luxury Tanning Mousse - 200ml
Luxury Tanning Mousse - 200ml
Luxury Tanning Mousse - 200ml

Luxury Tanning Mousse - 200ml

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Star Luxury Tanning Mousse comes in 4 shades and 3 luxury scents. The unique, skin nourishing formula of the Star products work with the natural pigmentation of the skin to ensure the most natural-looking tan possible, from a bottle.

The Star Luxury Tanning range was specifically designed to help reduce skin cancer rates by offering sunbed users a safer alternative to UV tanning.  

All products developed by Star Luxury Tanning are made with natural and organic ingredients and are chemical and alcohol free, to protect and moisturise the skin rather than damage it.

We have developed the perfect shade for each skin-tone; Shimmering Star for Redheads with Fair Skin-tones, Shining Star for Blondes with Light-Medium Skin-tones, Shooting Star for Brunettes with Olive-Dark Skin-tones and Shadow Star, an Ultra Dark blend designed to give the darkest skin tones a flawless finish and help to reduce the appearance of pigmentation flaws popular with skin conditions such as Vitiligo.

* Vegan Friendly

* Organic DHA

* Cruelty Free

* Chemical & Alcohol Free

* Long-Lasting (7-9 Days)

* Non-Patching

* Recommended by Skin Experts


Apply Luxury Tanning Mousse with a good quality tanning mitt. Using our advised methods, you should get approximately 6-8 full body applications from your 200ml bottle. 

Wear loose clothing to allow the skin to breathe and the tan to develop evenly. After 8 hours, the tan will be fully developed and ready to be showered off. 

Wash the product residue from your skin using a natural shower gel and using no abrasive items ie facecloths, exfoliation gloves etc. 

Pat yourself dry with a towel.

Results will last 7-9 days, fading gradually. 

To remove, we advise using Star Skin Cleansing Mousse before exfoliating the skin. Simply apply the Skin Cleansing Mousse to the skin and allow to soak in for 15 minutes before showering off using an exfoliating glove.